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A drunk driving offense is always a serious legal problem. A first-time offense can lead to fines, a suspended driver’s license, and up to six months of jail time, even if you didn’t cause an injury or accident. You could be forced to perform hours of community service, attend court-mandated alcohol treatment classes, and even have your license restricted. Then, once your license is restored, you may have difficulty getting auto insurance and will likely face increased rates.

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At the Law Offices of Keith J. Nedwick, P.C. we fight aggressively for those who are facing felony or misdemeanor DUI charges, and we are relentless in our pursuit of a positive outcome. When you hire our firm, you get multiple attorneys working on your case for the price of one. This team approach has proven to be very successful for many of the people we represent in DUI cases in the Norman area, as well as in Ada, Blanchard, Chickasha and Pauls Valley.

The penalties imposed for DUI charges are very serious, so it's imperative that you trust your defense to a qualified firm that’s extremely familiar with the criminal justice system. Our team of DUI lawyers is ready to challenge the prosecutor's case by opening the door to reasonable doubt.

Even if the evidence appears irrefutable—such as breath or blood testing evidence indicating you were at .08 % or more BAC—there may have been serious errors in the administration of the tests, or you may have been illegally stopped, making all evidence gathered inadmissible. There are many areas that may be open to a successful challenge.

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Our focus on defendant's rights and our commitment to you and your case drives us to excel in court, and to challenge the prosecutor's case against you. Contact our DUI attorneys in Norman, OK now if you are facing charges for DUI, felony DUI, or have been accused of a serious crime such as vehicular manslaughter in addition to DUI. We are ready to go to work for your defense.

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