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Have you been injured? It’s time to take action. Our Norman personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Keith J. Nedwick, P.C. have more than a half-century of legal experience. In that time, we have seen many injury cases and achieved optimal compensation for clients who suffered injuries caused by the misconduct or negligence of other parties. We work as a collaborative team in order to provide the best representation for our clients.

At the Law Offices of Keith J. Nedwick, P.C., we know what it takes to get a fair offer from an insurance company, and it is not a simple process. As a rule, insurance companies will offer the lowest amount that they believe could be accepted. If you are operating on your own, and trying to get a settlement, you will be offered a settlement far lower than you deserve in almost every case. That is how these companies do business.

Our team of Norman personal injury attorneys focuses on protecting the rights of injured victims and understands all of the activities and strategies that insurance companies commonly engage in. You deserve full compensation, and we are ready to go to work and help you get it.

Call the Law Offices of Keith J. Nedwick, P.C. at (866) 590-8173 to receive a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney in Norman, OK and surrounding communities.

Handling Catastrophic Injury Cases in Norman

After an injury, you have many things on your mind. From dealing with the insurance company to receiving the medical care and therapy you need to taking time off work and dealing with the associated financial repercussions, the last thing you need is to face legal complications.

Our firm handles a broad range of personal injury cases for our clients, including:

In cases of permanent or catastrophic injuries, such as brain damage, spinal cord injuries or disfigurement, the need for a highly skilled and dedicated Norman personal injury attorney is even more urgent. The person's life is changed forever; he or she may be unable to work at all or may require long term nursing care or many surgeries over several years.

Our duty to our clients is to make the future as positive as is possible, by recovering the maximum possible in damages. The money recovered in compensation will allow the victim to get the finest medical care and treatment; to have a home refitted when needed; pay for lost income both now and estimated for the future, and pay for the pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, for the injuries. We are ready to fight for your right to full compensation!

It’s Time to Take Action. Call a Norman Injury Lawyer!

Our team is here to protect your rights and interests. We are proud of our reputation for tough, elite advocacy for injury victims. Let us provide the aggressive legal support you need as you pursue the compensation you deserve after an accident!

You can schedule a free consultation with a Norman personal injury attorney at our firm. Send us a message online or call (866) 590-8173 today.

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