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Over 25 Felonies and Misdemeanors Dismissed Every Year
    "Keith Is the Greatest Attorney I Know"

    In 1999 I was charged with meth and numerous other charges. I wanted a lawyer that could get me out of the bind I was in. I met with Keith and hired him. Not knowing the trouble I was in and the fight that was ahead of me, I was very lucky to have him as my attorney. The District Attorney was determined to put me in prison for at least 45 years. Keith fought hard for me and got most of the evidence against me suppressed by the Judge. Unfortunately, I continued to pick up charges while out on bond. After a year and a half of fighting the case, I ultimately agreed to a 13 year sentence instead of the 45 years requested by the District Attorney. Through the 1½ years I spent fighting my cases I got to know Keith very well, as did my family. My father would call Keith every day for a year and a half. A lot of attorneys would not have accepted his call, but Keith did. They became very close friends throughout my case and while I was in prison. Keith is the greatest attorney I know and have seen him fight for a client in and out of the court room. We spoke frequently while I was in jail and even in prison. I can truly say that having him as my attorney changed my life for the better. I am a better man, father, and husband because of this. There is so much more I could add to this, but if you're wanting an attorney that is going to fight for you and your family, then Keith is who you would want in your corner.

    - D.W.
    "Efficient, Caring, and Prepared"

    When I was going through a difficult legal situation, I hired the Law Offices of Keith Nedwick. They were not only efficient, but caring. During my situation, I knew they had thoroughly gone through my case and were prepared for each step of action. More importantly, they also understood how difficult things were for me as a person and that meant so much.

    - J.B.
    "They Rolled Up Their Sleeves, Fought for Us, and Won!"

    I highly recommend Mr. Nedwick and his firm. They have represented my family on a number of different types of cases. Due to their hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, we have been successful on all of our cases. When we were backed into a corner and had to go to trial, they rolled up their sleeves, fought for us and won at trial. The next time we needed their help, they again went to work and ultimately the case was dismissed. From my experience, this firm fights hard for their clients regardless of the odds and they get results.

    - C.G.
    "Came out with the Best Case Scenario"

    I originally hired Keith Nedwick and his team on a pre charge basis for a potential case in Canadian County. Keith and his team were able to do a complete damage control within that County. Unfortunately, a few months later I was arrested by another County and confined with an unfair bond and an appointed attorney. Keith came to the rescue again working with us on a payment plan that worked for our family to be able to retain his services. I spent 15 months in county jail due to the high bond and the appointed attorney's recommendations. Within a month of finishing out the retainer to hire Keith, my bond was reduced to a normal bond and I was fighting my case from the comfort of my own home with my wife and kids. Without Keith and his team's drive, determination, and commitment, I would have been away from my family until the cases finale. Keith and his paralegals were committed to my case 100%. His paralegals were always knowledgeable, professional and friendly. My charges were in a County three hours from his office and he still made at least three trips to visit me while I went through the incarceration period to answer any questions and try to console me in a bad situation. Keith made me continue fighting when I was ready to give up completely. He thoroughly went through my case files, search warrants, witnesses, and in the end gave me the best chance at fighting my case. With Keith's knowledge and understanding in criminal law, his professional staff, and willingness to do what it took to win, we came out with the best case scenario in a bad situation. I am now home with my family, have a profitable job, own a house, and am starting my own orchard business. Without Keith and his staff, this would not have been possible.

    - T.M.
    "Excellent Attorney"

    Excellent attorney who treats his clients (pro bono or not) with the same respect. Thank you.

    - Anonymous
    "His Team of Professional Attorneys and Office Staff Are by Far the Best This State Has to Offer."

    There aren't enough stars on this review to adequately reflect my rating of The Law Office of Keith Nedwick. His team of professional attorneys and office staff are by far the best this state has to offer. I retained his services very "late in the game" yet he outperformed the opposing counsel at every twist and turn of our court hearing! In fact, he had done so much research that our table was covered in paperwork; notes, folders, documents, etc. contrasting the opposing counsel's one notebook!! Even though I knew he was a thorough and hardworking man, even my jaw was on the floor at that point I recognized the effort he had put into my case. He is a wonderful man and has an incredible team to assist you. He is a compassionate public servant and I am praying for all the good he does for the community to be returned to him a billion-fold!!!!!!!!

    - J.G.
    "I Was Extremely Pleased with Mr. Nedwick's Services"

    I was extremely pleased with Mr. Nedwick's services. He has a good team who takes care of their clients. I went thru' a divorce and had to go for a trial. Mr. Nedwick presented my case very well in front of the Judge. I was surprised on how he remembered certain points that I had given like several weeks before the trial date. He presented everything in front of the Judge thoroughly (which means he has gone thru' everything and noted down all the important facts). I in fact won the custody of my daughter who was 3 years old - I would never forget the help provided by Mr. Nedwick presenting my case which has made my daughter to be in my life. My entire experience was very positive and convenient. The office staff were very professional and kept me in the loop on any updates from the court, hearings and other things. Thank you Mr. Nedwick and your team.

    - R.E.
    "A+ organization!!"

    Keith is an excellent attorney. He worked magic with our case and exceeded expectations with the outcome. He was genuinely concerned for the long term success and health of his client. The entire staff is attentive and professional. A+ organization.

    - J.W.
    "They work relentlessly and tirelessly."

    Great communication and involvement from the team during my insurance/injury claim. They worked relentlessly and tirelessly to get me the maximum amount from the companies involved, and kept me up to date along the way to give me peace of mind. Would highly recommend.

    - C.H.
    "They work miracles in the court room!"

    Without a doubt, Keith and his staff defy all the lawyer stereotypes. They care more about their client's well being in the long run than they do anything else. And, then they work miracles in the court room. I hope to never need a defense lawyer again, but if I do, there's no one else I would call.

    - T.W.
    "Very professional and sensitive."

    I came here for a custody case and my attorney was very professional and sensitive to the situation, office staff were wonderful and welcoming as well.

    - Sasha R.
    "If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would!"

    I cannot recommend them enough! They helped me through a very stressful situation and kept me updated every step of the way. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would!

    - Kristy S.
    "Aside from the stellar outcome, they were very efficient, polite, weren't in a rush to get me off the phone, and just overall great."

    Aside from the stellar outcome, they were very efficient, polite, weren't in a rush to get me off the phone, and just overall great.

    - Justin V.
    "I highly recommend calling them if you're ever in need of any legal services."

    I highly recommend calling them if you're ever in need of any legal services. Thank you all so much for your help!