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Who's At-Fault for a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

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Car accidents involving just two vehicles are complicated enough. But when three, four, or even more cars crash, the situation gets even more complex.

Take, for example, a collision that occurred between Valerie, Shirley, and Victor. Suppose Valerie was stopped at a red light when Shirley rammed into the back of her vehicle, and Victor hit the back of Shirley's car. Who was at-fault: Valerie, Shirley, or Victor? Depending on the circumstances, that's a challenging question to answer and might not be as straightforward as it first appears.

Several questions can arise in such a situation. Was Shirley following Valerie too closely, not giving her enough time to stop when Valerie approached and slowed at the intersection? Was Victor looking down at his phone when Shirley hit Valerie's car? Or, if Victor was distracted while driving, was he the one who initially hit Shirley and caused a chain reaction?

The above are just a few of the questions that may come up following a multi-vehicle crash. Additionally, the example is just one of many types of situations that can result in a pile-up involving several vehicles. If it were a head-on collision, a t-bone, or an accident involving a large truck, various other factors need to be considered to determine who's liable. Depending on the circumstances, one or several drivers may have been at fault.

Why Having an Attorney Is Important

Because of the complications concerning multi-vehicle accidents, it's vital to have a personal injury attorney helping with the claim. Often, these matters require an accident reconstruction expert to recreate the scene and identify who was at fault. They also require a thorough examination of reports, records, testimonies, photos, and other evidence to determine responsibility.

A lawyer with access to various resources and with in-depth knowledge of this area of the law can help a victim build solid legal strategies by collecting and preserving evidence. They can also help present compelling cases to the liable party's insurance company during negotiations and/or a judge or jury should the matter be taken to court.

Determining Fault and Seeking Compensation

Car accidents, especially those involving multiple vehicles, can cause serious injuries and even death. The costs associated with these matters can be substantially high. When someone else causes a collision, they can be liable for victims' expenses, relieving those injured of financial burdens that can cause extra stress when they're trying to heal.

For victims to seek recovery of just compensation, they must prove that the person they are bringing a claim against caused the accident. This is why it's so important to have seasoned help when determining fault.

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