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5 Tips for a Smooth Divorce


Dealing with a divorce can feel emotionally draining, but there are a number of ways you can minimize the negative impact it has on your life. Here are our 5 tips for a smoother divorce.

1.Communicate with Your Spouse

We’ve all heard the phrase, “communication is key.” When it comes to divorce, this is definitely the case. Make an effort to openly communicate with your spouse. If you are concerned about hurt feelings, you and your spouse should make an effort not to assign blame. This can help eliminate a lot of emotion later when discussing assets and property. If conversing in person is not possible, try calmly communicating via telephone or email throughout the process. The more you and your spouse communicate, the easier the divorce will feel.

2.Put Your Children First

A divorce between two parents can feel much more complicated than a divorce between a couple without children. You and your spouse should make a conscious effort to put your children first. Before beginning negotiations, let your children know what is going on. Keeping them in the dark will only make the situation more difficult for you.

Additionally, you and your spouse should focus on what is best for your children. Any discussion of custody, visitation, or child support should be made with their future in mind. This will help eliminate hurt feelings and make it easier to find a beneficial solution for you and your spouse.

3.Minimize Unnecessary Conflict

If you and your spouse want to minimize the financial impact of your divorce, look into an uncontested divorce. This will allow you to reach a divorce agreement prior to your court date and avoid litigation altogether.

Unlike a set divorce hearing, uncontested divorce negotiations offer time flexibility, so you and your spouse can meet whenever is convenient for you. An experienced divorce lawyer can advocate for you during these negotiations and legally draft an agreement. If you and your spouse are having trouble dividing your marital property, you can hire a mediator to help guide the conversation. These options can minimize your time in court, and smooth the negotiation process.

4.Seek Outside Support

No matter how smooth the divorce actually goes, you should find some emotional support outside of your spouse or children. Talk to a close friend about how the process is going or how you are feeling. If you would prefer not to rely on a friend, a professional therapist or emotional support group may be a good option for you. This will help calm your stress and anxiety.

5.Focus on the Future

Negotiating and discussing your dissolution with your spouse can make you feel depressed or alone. Instead of focusing on what you will lose, focus on all that you will gain. This simple mindset can help you move toward a brighter future.

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