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How Does Expungement Work in Oklahoma?


Is a previous criminal conviction preventing you from moving forward with your life? Are you being denied job opportunities or having trouble finding a suitable place to live due to your past? If a prior misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record is holding you back in life, you may be able to have your criminal history sealed or wiped clean through the process of expungement.

What is Expungement?

In simple terms, expungement or expunction is a legal method for certain people with criminal histories to have their records sealed or erased in the eyes of the law. If a person is able to have an arrest or conviction expunged, they will no longer be required to disclose their criminal past potential employers or landlords. While certain government agencies such as police departments and courts will still be able to see an expunged conviction, an expungement can prove to be invaluable to help a person's employment prospects.

Who is Eligible for Expungement in Oklahoma?

Expungement is only offered to certain people in the state of Oklahoma. Those who have received a deferred sentence after pleading guilty or no-contest and have adhered to the terms of their probation may apply to have their record sealed or expunged.

Those who did not receive probation can pursue an expungement if:

  • They were acquitted of a their charges
  • A person did not face charges and the statute of limitations has expired
  • A person's offense was a non-violent felony or misdemeanor occurring more than 10 years prior
  • A person is not facing charges for any other offenses
  • A person was arrested but was not charged with a crime within one year of the arrest

Contact an Expungement Attorney in Norman, OK

If you are in need of an expunction of your criminal record, it is vital you retain the services of a hard-hitting attorney to maximize your chances of success. At the Law Offices of Keith J. Nedwick, P.C., our powerful Norman expungement lawyers can petition on your behalf and use our 50+ years of legal experience to help you pursue a clean slate.

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