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What to Do During a DUI Stop

Spending a night out drinking with friends is an understandably popular pastime in Oklahoma and the surrounding suburbs. Some would argue it is the cheapest and most relaxing way to spend a night in the Sooner State. With that being said, any of us might be mistaken by police officers for being intoxicated behind the wheel on the return trip home. The best way to improve your chances of finding freedom and avoiding harsh consequences after being pulled over or arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) might be to know what to do ahead of time.

Keep these pointers in mind if you find yourself in such a situation:

  1. Stay calm: As with any stressful moment in life, if you can remind yourself to stay relaxed and cooperative during a DUI stop, you will greatly benefit in the end. You should also remember that being pulled over does not mean you will be arrested, and it definitely does not mean you are going to be convicted.
  2. Make deliberate movements: Many law enforcement officers will admit that traffic stops can sometimes be a nerve-racking experience for them as well. Let the officer know when you are going to undo your seatbelt, reach into the glovebox, or do any motion with your hands. They will appreciate and probably reciprocate the favor.
  3. Deny field sobriety testing: If the officer asks you to walk a straight line, stand on one leg, touch your nose while leaning back, or any other field sobriety test (FST), you do have the right to refuse to take it. FSTs are notoriously subjective and are unlikely to cast you in a fair or beneficial light if you take them. Basically, you are providing evidence to use against you, when previously they only had a hunch.
  4. Take chemical testing: Breath, blood, and urine testing – also called chemical testing – is a different story, though. If you refuse to take a chemical test, the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles will automatically suspend your license, usually for six months or more, whether you were intoxicated or not. In almost all situations, if you are brought back to the station for chemical testing, you should submit to it. After all, an experienced DUI lawyer can challenge the test results later anyway.

Retain an Oklahoma City DUI Attorney

When everything is said and done, you might be arrested for suspicion of a DUI. At this point, you will want to use your right to remain silent, as granted by the Fifth Amendment, and use your first phone call to contact a criminal defense lawyer you can rely on. At the Law Offices of Keith J. Nedwick, P.C., our DUI attorney in Norman can help you understand your rights and determine the next step you should take after being arrested for a DUI.

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